Humanities: History, Philosophy and Judaic Studies


Judaic Studies


Introduction to Biblical Literature


Rashi's Commentary on the Torah


Introduction to Oral Law


Midrash and Aggadah


Ashkenazi Hasidism in the History of Jewish Thought

History of the Jewish People


Jerusalem Throughout the Ages


From Exile to Independence:

From the Babylonian Exile to the Fall of the Hasmonean Kingdom


Jewish History during the Second Temple: Judea and Rome


Polin – The Jews of Eastern Europe: History and Culture


From "National Home" to a "State in the Making":

The Jewish Community in Palestine between the World Wars


From Cyrus to Alexander: The History of Israel During the Persian Empire

World History


The Beginnings of Europe: Western Europe in the Early Middle Ages


The Roman Empire and its Legacy


Jews and Christians in Western Europe:

Encounter between Cultures in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance


Islam: Introduction to the History of the Religion


Introduction to the Modern History of the Middle East


The Middle East between the World Wars


Ethiopia: Christianity, Islam, Judaism


Germany, Where Can it be Found?



Historical Thinking: Issues in Philosophy of History


An Interpretation of Kant's "Prolegomena"