Discipline: Humanities

Topic: World History


Islam: Introduction to the History of the Religion


This 4-volume series provides an understanding of the dynamics of Islam through a discussion of the historical development of institutions and ideas, from the rise of Islam to the present, including basic information on Islamic religion as well as the political and social history of Moslem countries. It examines how, and under what circumstances, fundamental concepts of Islam and its institutions were crystallized, as well as the changes which took place in the Moslem world.


Volume 1 (1998, 272 pp., cat. # 10432-1)

Part 1: The rise of a religion (Nehemia Levtzion, Daniela Talmon-Heller)

Part 2: The sects in Islam (Nehemia Levtzion, Daniela Talmon-Heller)

Part 3: From Arabism to Islam (Nehemia Levtzion, Daphna Ephrat)

Volume 2 (1998, 208 pp., cat. # 10432-2)

Part 1: The development of Islamic law (Nehemia Levtzion, Daphna Ephrat, Daniela Talmon-Heller)

Part 2: Theological debates and their political implications (Nehemia Levtzion, Daphna Ephrat)

Part 3: Islamic mysticism (Nehemia Levtzion, Daniela Talmon-Heller)

Volume 3 (1998, 252 pp., cat. # 10432-3)

Part 1: The ulama and the political rulers in the later Middle Ages (Nehemia Levtzion, Daphna Ephrat)

Part 2: The institutionalization of Islamic religious law: : Law, education and mysticism (Nehemia Levtzion, Daphna Ephrat, Daniela Talmon-Heller)

Part 3: The spread of Islam in Asia and Africa (Nehemia Levtzion, Daphna Ephrat)

Volume 4 (forthcoming, cat. # 10432-4)

Part 1: Islamic revivalist and reform movements in the 18th century (Nehemia Levtzion, Daphna Ephrat)

Part 2: Modernism and secularism: Islamic response to the Western challenge (Nehemia Levtzion, Daphna Ephrat)

Part 3: Islamic fundamentalism (Nehemia Levtzion, Daniela Talmon-Heller)

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