Discipline: Humanities

Topic: Judaic Studies


Midrash and Aggadah

Yonah Frankel

This 3-volume series is an introduction to the world of the Aggadah and the Sages. The Sages cloaked their ideas in literary trappings Midrashim (commentaries), stories, allegories, and proverbs. The series presents a literary analysis and focuses on the characteristics of each Aggadah type to offer a broad perspective of the world of the Aggadah, the ideas of the Sages, and the literary methods they employed.


Volume 1: Introduction; Drasha methods (1996, 256 pp., cat. # 10446-1)

Volume 2: The Aggadah story; The deeds of the Sages; The allegory; proverbs and aphorisms (1996, 328 pp., cat. # 10446-2)

Volume 3: The Sages philosophical thinking; Tanaim literature; Amoraim literature and late Midrashim; The history of Aggadah commentary; The history of Aggadah research (1996, 560 pp., cat. # 10446-3)


Professor Yonah Frankel, Professor Emeritus of Aggadah and Midrash in the Department of Hebrew Literature at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, is recipient of the 2000 Israel prize in Talmudic research. In its selection of Prof. Frankel, the Israel Prize Committee wrote that his writings created a complete school of thought in the research of Agaddah literature, revolutionizing the field.

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