Discipline: Humanities

Topic: Philosophy


An Interpretation of Kant's "Prolegomena"

Elazar Weinryb

Kant, possibly the most important philosopher of the modern age, attempted to create a synthesis between cognition and metaphysics, but also disagreed with both and offered a more innovative theory which developed philosophical thought in altogether new directions. This book describes, explains and interprets Kants theory, compares it to the theories of his predecessors, and points not only to its achievements but also to the difficulties it raises.


The book provides guided reading to Kants Prolegomena to Any Future Metaphysics. Sections from The Critique of Pure Reason (2nd ed., 1787) are also discussed.

2003, 392 pp., cat. # 10393


Professor Elazar Weinryb is Professor of Philosophy at the Open University of Israel.

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