Discipline: Humanities

Topic: World History


Jews and Christians in Western Europe: Encounter between Cultures in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance

Edited by Ora Limor

This 5-volume series deals with the encounter between the Christian majority and the Jewish minority in Europe, from the birth of Christianity to the beginning of the modern age, as reflected in various aspects of social and cultural life. It surveys the implications of this encounter on the character of both groups, and its significance for the development of western culture and for the course of Jewish history.


Volume 1: Jacob and Esau (Ora Limor, 1993, 125 pp., cat. # 10275-1)

Volume 2 (1993, 378 pp., cat. # 10275-2)

Part 1: Majority and minority (Amnon Raz-Krakotzkin, Ora Limor)

Part 2: Resemblance and difference (Ora Limor)

Part 3: Jews before the Christian courts of justice: The Jewish oath (Joseph Ziegler)

Volume 3: The Jewish-Christian debate (Ora Limor, 1993, 256 pp., cat. # 10275-3)

Volume 4 (1997, 432 pp., cat. # 10275-4)

Part 1: Hebraica veritas (Amnon Raz-Krakotzkin, Ora Limor)

Part 2: Faith and reason (Joseph Ziegler)

Part 3: Images of the past (Ora Limor, Israel Yuval)

Volume 5 (1998, 440 pp., cat. # 10275-5)

Part 1: The blood libel (Ora Limor)

Part 2: The Anusim (Yosef Kaplan)

Part 3: Jews and Christians in the age of reformation (Amos Hofman)



Professor Ora Limor, of the History Department at the Open University of Israel, has written numerous articles in scholarly journals. She is co-editor of Contra Iudaeos: Ancient and Medieval Polemics between Christians and Jews (Texts and Studies in Medieval and Early Modern Judaism, J.C.B. Mohr, 1996).

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