Discipline: Humanities

Topic: Philosophy


Historical Thinking: Issues in Philosophy of History

Elazar Weinryb

This book is an introduction to philosophical and methodological discussions on the nature of history and its status as a field of knowledge. It presents the main schools of thought in the philosophy of history, and emphasizes methodological problems by examining the research and writing of historians. Among the topics dealt with are history and its philosophy; an event and its description; explanation; causal relations; meta-history and its role in historical writing; understanding action; historical responsibility; knowledge of the past – is it possible?; history as literature; objectivity in history; and history: myth or reality?


Volume 1: Historical thinking: Issues in philosophy of history (1987, 497 pp., cat. # 10337-1)

Volume 2: History – Myth or Reality? Observations on the state of the profession (2003, 432 pp., cat. # 10337-2)


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