Discipline: Humanities

Topic: History of the Jewish People


Jerusalem Throughout the Ages


Jerusalem is like no other city on earth. It is holy to the world's three major monotheistic religions, and was fought over for three millennia by a variety of peoples and nations. Jerusalem is the capital of the State of Israel and of the Jewish people, but, in a special sense, Jerusalem belongs to the entire world. In 10 volumes written by experts on each period, this series presents the 3,000-year history of Jerusalem from its beginnings through the establishment of the State of Israel, and examines physical, economic, social, political, religious and cultural aspects.


Volume 1: From a Jebusite city to the capital of Israel (Rivka Nir, 1984, 184 pp., cat. # 10208-1)

Volume 2: From a Temple city to the capital of the Hasmonean Kingdom (Israel Ronen, 1984, 188 pp., cat. # 10208-2)

Volume 3: Jerusalem under Roman rule (Rivka Nir, Israel Ronen, 1984, 184 pp., cat. # 10208-3)

Volume 4: Jerusalem in the Byzantine period (Zeev Rubin, 1984, 182 pp., cat. # 10208-4)

Volume 5: Jerusalem in the first Moslem period (638-1099) (Aviva Halamish, Yoram Erder, 1984, 152 pp., cat. # 10208-5)

Volume 6: Jerusalem, the capital of the Crusader kingdom (Yael Katzir, 1984, 159 pp., cat. # 10208-6)

Volume 7: Jerusalem under the Ayyubid dynasty and the Mamelukes (Joseph Drori, 1984, 149 pp., cat. # 10208-7)

Volume 8: Jerusalem in the Ottoman period (Mina Rozen, 1984, 164 pp., cat. # 10208-8)

Volume 9: Between renewal and conservatism: Jerusalem at the end of the Ottoman period (Israel Bartal, 1984, 148 pp., cat. # 10208-9)

Volume 10: Jerusalem during the British Mandate (Aviva Halamish, 1984, 164 pp., cat. # 10208-10)

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