The Open University


The Ingeborg Rennert Library

Reading Hall

The reading hall is located on the ground floor and provides the following services:

  • Reference assistance
  • Quiet working environment for individuals or small groups
  • Wi-Fi coverage and electric outlets allow you to work with your own laptop
  • PC stations for searching the library catalog, databases and the web
  • Access to unique databases, unavailable from non-library PCs
  • Dedicated stations for viewing multimedia materials
  • Scanners
  • Listening posts for vinyl records (for music students only)
  • Printer (black & white, for a fee)
  • Photocopiers (for a fee)
  • Software installed on the library PCs:
    • Office 2007
    • Adobe Reader, version 9
    • Babylon, for instant translation
    • SPSS, version 17 (installed on some PCs)
    • Math Type 6 (installed on some PCs)
    • MyA&T (installed on some PCs)
    • Java 1.5 including Netbeans 6.8 (installed on some PCs)
    • Eviews (installed on some PCs)
    • TurboC++, version 4.5 (installed on some PCs)
    • Circuit Student Version (installed on some PCs)
    • Windows Media Player (installed on some PCs)
    • BlueJ (installed on some PCs)
    • Learning disabilities software is installed on the PCs connected to the scanners (see accessibility for additional details)