The Open University


The Ingeborg Rennert Library

Library Staff

Division   Telephone Fax Email
Director Shirit Wojakowski 972-9-7781558 972-9-7780638/9
Acquisitions and Administration coordinator Dafna Shor 972-9-7781559 972-9-7780638/9
Circulation Services
Head Ruth Barankin 972-9-7781545 972-9-7780621
Reading hall   972-9-7781540/42    
Head, support and training Nomi Calderon 972-9-7781543 972-9-7780621
Online support Nira Shani 972-9-7781549/51
Head, counseling and interlibrary loans for faculty Irit Zauberman 972-9-7781549/51
Head, interlibrary loans for students Orly Nissan-Shalem 972-9-7781533 972-9-7780639
Interactive voice response   972-9-7780782    
Cataloging and Classification
Head Vardit Netzer-Dorf 972-9-7781555
Coordinator, OUI collection and multimedia Julia Simonov 972-9-7781546
Journals coordinator Gilat Harpaz 972-9-7781531
Electronic Resources
Head Dita Friedman 972-9-7781157 972-9-7780639
Library Information System
System Librarian Nava Rosenthal 972-9-7781537 972-9-7780639