The Open University


The Ingeborg Rennert Library


Access to the Library: Parking spaces for the disabled are located in the University parking lot, near the library entrance. Driving and parking on campus is in accordance with University parking policy.

Physical access: The library is equipped with an elevator and a ramp, connecting the loan desk with the reading hall.

The elevator: The elevator is located between the loan desk and the reading hall and is adapted for the blind and visually impaired (Braille buttons).

Restrooms: Restrooms for the handicapped are located on floor -1.

Locating books: Visitors who need assistance in locating books or reaching book shelves are welcome to turn to the library's reference librarians and ask for assistance.

Support software for the handicapped: The following support software programs are installed on two work stations in the reading hall (PCs connected to scanners):

  • English Text to Speech convertors: TextAloud 2.17 and NaturalReader 9
  • Hebrew Text to Speech convertor: Personal Kolan
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) program that converts images and PDFs into readable and editable text: ABBEY FineReader 10

Headphones are available for loan at the loan desk.

Library website: The library website is partially adapted for visitors with special needs.