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The Ingeborg Rennert Library


Address: The Library, The Open University, 1 University Road, POB 808, Raanana 43537


Telephone: 972-9-7780621

Switchboard: 972-9-7780782

Order to your home: Check on status of articles and pages from books ordered via Sheilta (service for students) 09-7780533
Loan permits (library cards) to other libraries 972-9-7781559
Reading hall   972-9-7781540/42
Online support 972-9-7781549/51
Interlibrary loans of articles (for faculty) 972-9-7781549/51
Interlibrary loans of books (for faculty)  
Status of books ordered via Sheilta (service for students) 972-9-7781532