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The Student Ombudsman
The Dean of Students also serves as the student ombudsman. Students should only contact the ombudsman after exhausting all channels available at the Open University as specified in Hebrew, here.

The various Open University departments are at your service with respect to all areas for which they are responsible. Depending on the problem, students should contact these departments before contacting the Dean of Students.

For information and advice prior to submitting a written appeal, please contact the Inquiry and Information Center at 972-9-7782222.

Open door to students

The office of the Dean of Students is open to all students relating to any issue. Every Monday, between 13:00 and 14:00 (except for the eve of holidays), the Dean will meet with students who wish to talk to him. If you wish to meet with the Dean of Students, make an appointment through the office by calling 972-9-7781497.