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Services to Students

      Student card
      Discounts and benefits
      Services to new immigrant students
      Eligibility and benefits provided by various organizations
      Legal assistance
      Assistance for students with special needs

Student card
Your Open University student card is your ID card in all your communication with university bodies. The Open University issues student cards which have up-to-date photographs and other means of identification.

The card enables you to:


identify yourself to university bodies


enter examination centers


identify yourself to seminar supervisors


receive a discount on public transportation


receive discounts and benefits when buying products from a range of companies and institutions listed below.

For further information, contact the Information Center at 972-9-7782222.


Discounts and benefits
In this section you will find information (in Hebrew) concerning discounts and benefits provided by organizations and companies in Israel.

List of discounts and benefits for students (in Hebrew)

The discounts and benefits will be provided to students who present a valid student card issued by the Open University, accompanied by an ID if required. Every student may purchase the products or use the services offered. Advertisements of the products and services are the responsibility of the advertising bodies and the University is not liable for their content in any way whatsoever. Publication of advertisements in the information sheets published by the Dean of Students does not in any way indicate a preference for a certain product or service.

In addition, throughout the academic year the office of the Dean of Students receives information of interest to students from external bodies. This information is not published in the information sheets for various reasons, including the timeframe in which they are received. This information is sent to the study centers throughout the country and posted on the bulletin boards in these centers.

A company or organization interested in providing discounts and benefits to all Open University students should contact the Dean of Students.

If you know of organizations providing benefits to university students that do not provide identical conditions to Open University students, please notify the Dean of Students in writing and we will handle the matter.

Address: The Open University, Dean of Students, P.O. Box 808, Raanana 43107.


Services to new immigrant students
Tuition assistance for new immigrant students
The Student Department of the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption provides tuition assistance to new immigrant students who meet their eligibility criteria. Information may be obtained from the office of the Dean of Students, tel: 972-9-7781501, fax: 972-9-7782634. Please indicate exact name and address and information sheets will be mailed to you. Note that receipt of financial assistance is contingent on fulfillment of additional requirements set by the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption (immigration date, etc.) For information contact the Student Administration regional offices at the telephones below:

Tel Aviv:








See the letter to the new immigrant, here.

Cultural and welfare services
Students whose studies are funded by the Student Department are entitled to assistance from the Culture Unit of the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption in all personal or academic problems. The services of the Unit include social activities such as trips, plays and parties.

To receive these services, contact the regional coordinators in your area:

Tel Aviv and the Central area - Amit Tracer, tel: 972-3-5209187
Jerusalem area - Efrat Becker-Elias, tel: 972-2-6214600
Haifa area - Odette Hasnovski, tel: 972-4-8631139
National coordinator - Hannah Lev, tel: 972-2-6214583, email:

You can also contact the coordinator for new immigrant students at the Open University, at 972-9-7781501; e-mail:

Announcements relating to activities will be sent to students and posted on the bulletin boards at the study centers.


Eligibility and benefits provided by various organizations
Click here for a list of organizations which provide benefits to students (in Hebrew).


Legal assistance
Legal assistance is available to Open University students.

See details here (in Hebrew).


Assistance for students with special needs
Special Testing Arrangements
Students who for medical reasons or other limitations require special testing arrangements should inform the Dean of Students office in writing, enclosing relevant documents, no later than one month prior to the first exam date.

Students with diagnosed learning disabilities should contact the Study Guidance Center in writing, specifying modified test conditions and together with the diagnosis. For additional information please contact 972-9-7781958.

At the request of the Center for the Organization of Examinations, students eligible for special exam conditions shoulf register for the exam date two weeks before the deadline.

Psychological Services
The psychological services of Tel Aviv University and Haifa University offer their services to Open University students for treatment of personal and emotional problems.

Tel Aviv:
    Therapy (individual and group)
    Crisis therapy
    Workshops for reducing exam anxiety - participants will learn varied techniques to reduce exam anxiety.

Tel Aviv:
For information please contact the Psychological Services Office at 972-3-6409694, 972-3-6408505, Monday-Thursday, 09:00-14:30, e-mail:

Please register at the Clinical department office, Berman Center, Multi-Function building, 972-4-8249334, Monday-Thursday, 09:00-16:00, e-mail:

All services are provided for a fee. Students will be asked to present a student card issued by the Open University, as well as an ID card.