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The Open University is a member of the Academic Sport Association (ASA), and within this framework participates annually in competitions in more than 42 sports including football, mini-football, handball, volleyball, beach volleyball, basketball, water polo, tennis, ping-pong, athletics, swimming and chess. ASA competitions are held during the Fall semester - ASA Championships and the Spring semester - international ASA games, student leagues and other tournaments. Open University sportspersons also represent ASA on various teams representing Israel in international student competitions (world championships, etc.).

The Open University holds weekly training sessions in the following sports: volleyball, basketball, mini-football, tennis and ping-pong.

For additional information, call the sport coordinator at 972-9-7781499.

Link to announcements and discussion forum (students only; in Hebrew)

Excellence in sport scholarships
Students may apply for scholarships for excellence in sport subject to fulfillment of the following criteria:


The student successfully completed at least one Open University academic course by the end of the semester in which the competition takes place.


The student is enrolled in at least one academic course in the semester in which the Sports Committee considers scholarship candidates.


The student has taken advantage of all scholarships awarded in the past.


The student has demonstrated outstanding achievements in personal and/or group sports, according to criteria determined by the Open University Sports Committee.

Please note!
Students interested in participating in the University's sports activities should submit a letter specifying their medical condition, by mail or fax (972-9-7780634), accompanied by a written request to the individual responsible for sport at the Open University.


Tutorial project (Perach)
Perach is a publicly supervised national tutorial project. The project is designed to meet the educational needs of Israeli schoolchildren from disadvantaged families, while at the same time solving the tuition problems of university students who are paired up with a child in need of tutoring.

Perach recruits tutors once every academic year, usually during August, September and October. Students commit to participate in the project for one academic year. Students are accepted on a "first come first serve" basis. Students interested in participating in the Perach project can register by mail or via the Perach web site. Preference is given to registration via the Internet. Additional information about Perach as well as a registration form can be found on the web site.

Participation in Perach demands on-going activity throughout the year. In exchange for the coaching which is carried out during the academic year, students will receive a scholarship in the amount to be determined by Perach management. The scholarship is usually the equivalent of tuition for three Open University courses.

Neither soldiers in compulsory military service and national service nor high school pupils are eligible to participate in this project.

For criteria for participation in Perach, click here (in Hebrew).


ISEF (International Sephardic Education Foundation) scholarships
ISEF, an international education foundation, awards scholarships to students in institutions of higher education.

Students are selected according to criteria determined by the Foundation and the Open University: socio-economic circumstance, academic achievement and social involvement. Scholarship recipients must participate in academic and non-academic activities during the academic year. The non-academic activities include participation in social projects and educational programs with adolescents in renewal neighborhoods and development towns. Academic activities are intended to expand the student's knowledge, social awareness and interest in social problems, creating a cohesive group of Foundation members among the students.

For more information, see the ISEF - OUI website (in Hebrew, access to students only).

For further details, please contact Daniela at 972-9-7781497.