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The Ingeborg Rennert Library

Special Services for Faculty

Faculty who need assistance can contact Irit Zauberman at 1549/51 or email her at

The library provides interlibrary loan services to eligible faculty and course coordinators. This service is offered to course coordinators who are active in this semester and who tutored in at least 2 semesters in the passed 2 years. Books pick-up and return – in the Ra'anana library only. As of 7.4.2016 interlibrary loan services are carried out using library card at the library catalog. These services include:

  • Books
    Books which are not in the Open University library catalog may be ordered from other academic libraries. An on-line interlibrary loan Form needs to be submitted.
  • Journal articles
    TD-Net. Should be checked for electronic availability of the article before ordering. If an electronic copy is not available, an online Journal Article Order Form needs to be sent.
  • Book Pages
    Before ordering, please check if the book is listed in the library catalog. If not, an online Book Pages Order Form may be submitted.

To the order forms | Guidance for ordering
Contact email for assistance.

Access Permits (for loan) to other Academic Libraries

OUI faculty and course coordinators can issue access permits to other academic libraries at the following link: Issue an access permit


The library provides purchasing services to faculty. The books may be purchased in Israel and abroad. To simplify the process, please fill the book order form, along with the approval of the Head of Department, by internal mail to Dafna Shor. For inquiries, please call Dafna at 1547 or by mail to