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The Ingeborg Rennert Library

How do I find a book?

How do I find a book if I know its title or author?

  • Search in the OU library catalog
  • When searching by title, if the first word of the title is "The" or "A", omit it (i.e., to find the book, "The Art of War," type "Art of War")
  • When searching by author, type the last name first, then the first name (i.e., Kant Immanuel)
  • When you find the book, click "Where in the Library" which takes you to the "locations & copies" screen, where you can find:
    • The book's location
    • Number of copies and their status; "Regular" status indicates that the book is available for loan
    • Availability ("On Shelf" or due date, for a book that is out on loan)
    • Only a book that is on loan can be reserved. Books can be reserved at the loan desk.
  • If the book is not in the OU library catalog, try the ULI, where you can simultaneously search all the academic libraries in Israel

How do I find a book by its subject?

  • Search the library catalog by choosing the "Subject starting with..." option, and then type the keyword
  • You can search by subject in Hebrew or English; a Hebrew search will return Hebrew items only, while an English search will return both Hebrew and English items
  • If no results were found, try the ULI, or in another library's catalog. In these searches, type your subject in English only