The Open University


The Ingeborg Rennert Library

EBSCO Discovery Service – EDS

  • A single search box on the Library's home page
  • Enables a unified search of the library's resources, similar to searching via Google
  • Searches in a number of sources concurrently, for example, in databases and the Library catalog
  • No need for several searches, and no need to think where to search

How do I use the quick search?

  1. In the box that says "Type English or Hebrew words" enter the relevant keywords, and click on "Search"
  2. The list of results may be extremely long, so it is worthwhile refining the results using the column on the left:
    • Limit the search to Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals
    • Limit the search by Publication Date
    • Select relevant keywords through Subject: Thesaurus Term
  3. You can go directly into "Advanced search" which allows you to refine your search in advance
  4. Though the quick search does include the Library catalog, if the results are not satisfactory, we recommend that you search the OU library catalog, especially when searching for books in Hebrew.