13017 Dynamics of Negotiation

Credits: 3 graduate credits in Business Administration / Organizational Behavior in Management or in Democracy Studies / Government and Public Policy

Prerequisites for the MBA: Operations Research, Accounting for Managers, Marketing, Management and Organizational Behavior, Financial Management, Corporate Law for Managers

Prerequisites for Democracy Studies: Democracy: An Interdisciplinary Approach, Israeli Democracy: Selected Issues, Contemporary Democratic Theories, Selected Topics in Public Policy; and either Management and Organizational Behavior or Organizational Behavior

Authors: Amira Galin, Helena Syna Desivilya

Objectives: The course aims to systematically analyze negotiation processes while examining the contribution of various theoretical approaches to the practice of negotiations; acquaint students with problems involved in negotiation processes and to offer them the opportunity to contend on their own with various negotiation situations.

Topics: Negotiation and conflict management;; Processes accompanying negotiation; Sources of power, strategies and tactics in negotiations;Culture and negotiations; The ramifications of human behavior on the negotiation process and outcome; Beyond direct negotiations: representatives third party interventions; Trust and ethical issues in negotiations; The medium;; Face to face negotiation and negotiation through the internet.