13005 Financial Management

Credits: 3 graduate credits in Business Administration or in Educational Administration, Policy and Leadership

Prerequisite for the MBA: Admission to the graduate program in Business Administration

Prerequisites for Educational Administration: Research Methods in Education, Theories of Learning and Instruction, Economic Aspects of the Education System, and either Evaluation in Education: Theory and Practice or Technology and Learning

Recommended: Introduction to Microeconomics

Author: Arie Nachmias

Objectives: To impart knowledge and key analysis tools for financial decision-making.

Topics: The objective of the firm and the role of the financial manager; The global financial crisis of 2008; Financial analysis, planning and control; Managing working capital; Managing fixed assets (long-term investment decisions and cash flow); Capital budgeting under certainty; Building cash flows in capital budgeting; Capital budgeting under uncertainty yield variance, stochastic dominance, investment portfolio (CAPM); Long-term financing sources; Company valuation, capital structure and capital price.