10430 Organizational Behavior

Credits: 6 intermediate credits in Management

Prerequisites: none

Recommended: Introduction to Sociology, Social Psychology

Author: Aviad Bar-Haim, Hila Hofstetter, Lior Loew

The course acquaints the student with the field of organizational behavior which developed from industrial sociology and psychology, industrial economics and management theory. It deals with the encounter between the individual and the organization an encounter created from the mutual need to attain common goals which cannot be achieved alone, outside of the organization, and without the cooperation of others. The course suggests practical methods for handling organizational crises and for developing viable organizations that are able to convert environmental inputs into beneficial products and services and satisfy the needs of those who work for them.

Topics: The boundaries of organizational behavior; Structures and processes in formal organizations; Learning in organizations; Motivation at work; Work groups in the organization; Communication in formal organizations networks and processes; Work stress and burnout organizational behavior in crisis; Organizational culture; Power and politics in the organization dynamics of control resources; Decision-making the code that activates organizational behavior; Leadership in the organization; Organizational renewal redesign of effective organizational behavior.