Studies in African Studies toward a Dual-Disciplinary Degree

Joint program of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv University, Ben Gurion University and the Open University. Students may enroll in the program in each of these universities and that university will award the degree.1

54 credits, including at least 8 advanced credits

In African Studies, students must accumulate 12 credits in introductory courses, 8 advanced credits, and among the electives, no more than 12 credits for courses that only partially relate to Africa.

Open University students must accumulate at least 18 credits at the Open University, among the courses below, including at least one advanced course in which they write a seminar paper. In addition, they must take at least 12 credits at the other universities in the program. Students may take the rest of the courses (to reach a total of 54 credits) at the Open University or at the other universities.

Introductory course



The Emergence of New States in Africa (10206)2



Group A – Advanced courses that focus on Africa3

Sub-Saharan Africa in International Relations (10330)



Government and Politics in Sub-Saharan Africa (10329)



European Colonialism: Theory, Praxis and Resistance (10925)



Ethiopia: Christianity, Islam, Judaism (10333)



Africa Between Democracy and Dictatorship (12012)

adv. seminar


Group B – Courses that relate only partially to Africa4

Islam: Introduction to the History of the Religion (10432)



The Jews of North Africa: 1830-1956 (10311)



Seminar requirements

Two seminar papers. At least one of the seminar papers must be submitted in an Open University course (from among the courses in Group A).

Note: Before enrolling in the program, students must consult an Open University advisor, who will help to structure the program and approve it.


To be granted a dual-disciplinary degree, students must select an additional field at the Open University, and the combination must be approved by the Study Program Approval Committee.


Students are advised to take this course at the Open University, but are not required to do so.


At least one of the courses on this list must be taken at the Open University.


Students may accumulate no more than 12 credits for courses that only partially relate to Africa.

General Requirements for a dual-disciplinary degree

Fulfilling all requirements as detailed here.

  • Accumulating credits required for the degree

  • Fulfilling all requirements in both disciplines

  • English language proficiency

  • Bibliographic instruction

Before enrolling in any course, students must ensure that they have taken all the prerequisites for it, even when the prerequisites are not included among the courses listed above.

General note regarding combining two fields

When combining fields in a dual-disciplinary program, students are required to take the basic studies in both fields. If a course is required in both fields, taking it fulfills the requirements of both. If a course is required in one field and is an elective in the other, it can only be taken as a required course in the relevant field. If a course is an elective in both fields, it will only grant credits in one of the fields.

For specific requirements when combining fields, see the individual combinations of fields (in Hebrew).