10206 The Emergence of New States in Africa

Credits: 6 intermediate credits in Political Science or in Modern History

Prerequisites: none

Authors: Benyamin Neuberger, Irit Back, Ella Keren, Leah Leshem, Osnat Segev, Rachel Becker. The materials include films shown at tutorial sessions.

The liberation of Asian and African colonies from European colonial rule following World War II changed the geo-political map of the world. Today it is no longer enough to be familiar with the history, societies and policies of Europe and America if one wants to understand the contemporary international system. The course provides students with the basic tools needed to understand the Africa’s political, social and economic situation. It deals with Africa’s unique developmental path and its relevance today. Issues such as the roots and manifestations of modern racism and national struggles for independence provide a comparative perspective for understanding them in our contemporary context. The voluntary participation of performers in aid concerts for Africa reflects the current world order and Africa’s place within it.

Topics: Introduction – Africa before the colonial takeover; European colonialism and the liberation process; Anti-colonial nationalism in Africa; Ethiopia – from an independent state to neo-colonial dependence; Ethnic diversity and the nationalist problem in Africa; Africa between dictatorship and democratization – regimes and regime changes; Why is it difficult for Africa to break out of poverty and dependence?