Degrees and Certificates The Open University of Israel

Requirements for all Bachelor's degrees

Studies at the Open University are in Hebrew (texts, assignments and examinations)

In order to earn a Bachelor's degree from the Open University, students need to accumulate at least 108 credits. However, the credit requirements are not identical for all programs of study. Some programs require 108 credits; others require more, sometimes because of the scope of the specific program, and sometimes because of the courses that each individual student chooses to take. Usually, no more than 120 credits are required. A B.Sc. in Engineering requires about 160 credits. This difference in the scope of the programs reflects the situation in other universities, where studies are organized according to years and degrees in Social Sciences, Humanities and Sciences take 3 years to complete, while an Engineering degree takes 4 years to complete.

Students at the Open University must accumulate at least 24 advanced credits, and fulfill the seminar requirements. Students may accumulate no more than 36 introductory credits. The amount of choice among advanced courses, and the seminar requirements, differ from program to program.

To be awarded a Bachelorís degree from the Open University, students must demonstrate evidence of English language proficiency. Student who are not exempt from English studies must pass an A-level English course. This requirement must be fulfilled before students begin taking advanced courses.

Beginning in Fall 2006, students must take bibliographic instruction, either through the Library website or by participating in training sessions in the Library. This requirement must be fulfilled before students begin taking advanced courses. Bibliographic instruction is required of all veteran students who have accumulated fewer than 72 credits by the Summer 2006 semester.

In some of the programs of study, students must take a course to expand their horizons through knowledge in a discipline other than that which they are studying. Though this is required only of students who begin their studies in Fall 2007, veteran students are strongly advised to include such a course in their programs of study. See details and a list of relevant courses here.

Beyond these general requirements, students must fulfill the specific requirements for the degree toward which they are studying.

Recommendations regarding the first course to take in the various programs of study, and a list of academic advisors can be found here and in the printed Academic Information Guide (in Hebrew).