Conference Date
2015 Chais Conference for the Study of Innovation and Learning Technologies 10-11.2.2015
2014 Chais Conference for the Study of Innovation and Learning Technologies 11-12.2.2014
2013 Chais Conference for the Study of Innovation and Learning Technologies 19-20.2.2013
The Fourth Knowledge Management Conference       17.3.2013
2012 Chais Conference for the Study of Innovation and Learning Technologies
2011 Chais Conference for the Study of Innovation and Learning Technologies 17.02.11
Annual Chais Conference 2010 on Instructional Technologies Research: Learning in the Technological Era 10.02.10
Annual Chais Conference 2009 on Instructional Technologies Research: Learning in the Technological Era 18.02.09
Annual Chais Conference 2008 on Instructional Technologies Research: Learning in the Technological Era 06.02.08
Annual Chais Conference 2007 on Instructional Technologies Research: Learning in the Technological Era 20.02.07
First Annual Chais Conference 2006 on Instructional Technologies Research: Learning in the Technological Era 01.03.06


Topic Date
At Home, at Work and in Our Minds: Technologies and Their Influence on our Daily Life 07.12.14
MOOCs: Hype confronts Reality 01.06.14
Learning, Innovation and Technology in the Context of Language 15.01.14
Law and Ethics in a Technological Society 03.07.13
Human and Computer Vision 09.01.12
The Dynamics of Social Networks 21.11.11
Innovative Thinking in a Technological World 30.03.11
From Gutenberg to Google 13.02.11
The Future isn't what it used to be: Innovation in Learning Technologies 09.11.10
Information Flow on the Net 13.06.10
Opening up Education: What will it Take? 08.02.10
Reading in the Digital Era 20.01.10
Overcoming Handicaps: Technologies in the Service of People with Special Needs 12.10.09
Intimacy on the Internet: Women and Men Entangled in the Net 16.06.09
The Medium and the Message: When Politics Meets the Internet 26.01.09
Collaborative Learning at The Open University of Israel - Another Step Forward: Wiki, Blogs, Forum,Google docs and More 01.12.08
Was there a Search Engine? Searches, Losses and Finds on the Internet 19.11.08
Digital Old Age: Technology in the Golden Years 22.06.08
Issues and Approaches of the Academic Faculty towards the use of Educational Technologies 31.03.08
New Reality? Technological Applications for Virtual Reality in a Virtual World 24.01.08
Multi-tasking: Juggling Impossible Multiple Assignment Tasks within Technological Environments 19.11.07
Di@logue: Net Conversations 16.05.07
Knowledge and Truth in the Technological Era 15.01.07
Digital versus Print: Issues in Reading Texts in the Computer Age 08.01.07
War, Terror and Accusation: The Internet as a Battlefield 07.11.06
Gender and Technology 10.07.06
Collaborative Learning in a Wiki Environment 14.06.06
Constant Availability: Threat or Opportunity? The Use of Mobile Technologies for Learning, Communication and Leisure 23.05.06
Real Money in a Virtual World: Effects on Indviduals and Business 12.01.06
Playing in the Technological Era 29.11.05
Whose Line is this Anyway? Intellectual Property and Copyright in the Replication Era 13.07.05
Real Feelings in a Virtual Reality 17.05.05
The Thinking Man in the Technological Era 05.04.05
The Thinking Man in the Technological Era 13.06.04

Lectures and Seminars


Date Speaker Topic


Dr. Reut Tsarfaty

Multilingual Structure Prediction for Natural Language Processing


Dr. Yair Levy, Nova Southeastern University, and Dr. Michelle M. Ramim, University System of Georgia – Middle Georgia State College  

The Role of Data Analytics as an Exploratory Research Tool



Students' Seminar


Rivka Gadot, Tel Aviv University and The Open University of Israel
Anat Lerner and Vered Silber-Varod, The Open University of Israel

Research in Action


Prof. Thomas C. Reeves, College of Education, The University of Georgia, USA


Socially Responsible Educational Technology Research: The Promise of Educational Design Research


Dr. Anat Ben Simon, NITE

Automated Essay Scoring: Technological Infrastructure, Theory and Implementation


 Dr. Naomi Gorbat, CET

Between Two Languages: The Language Experience of Young Immigrant Children


Lior Zalmanson, Tel Aviv University

Audience Loyalty and User Commitment in the Network Era


Prof. Erel Avineri, Afeka Tel Aviv Academic College of Engineering

Transportation Information Design



Students' Seminar


Dr. Thomas Michael Power, Faculty of Education, Universite Laval,  Quebec City, Canada

University Outreach: A History of Hits and Misses

10.06.13 Prof. Erel Avineri, Afeka College of Engineering Transport information design insights from behavioral economics
29.04.13 Mamoon Abu Elheja
Tami Dubi
Students' seminar
21.03.13 Dr. Thomas Michael Power, Universite Laval, in Quebec City, Canada University Outreach: A History of Hits and Misses
18.3.2013 Dr. Guy Hoffman, IDC Herzliya Robots as Colleagues: Between Improvisation, Embodiment and  Artificial Intelligence
19.03.12 Sarit Barzilai, The Research Center for Innovation in Learning Technologies Personal epistemology and online learning
16.01.12 Dr. Nirit Gavish, Ort Braude College Multimodal training: Visual guidance in spatial tasks is appealing but dangerous
02.01.12 Dr. Aviv Shachak, University of Toronto Effective planning of documentation to assist in using computer programs: What can we learn from users?
19.12.11 Dr. Ina Blau, The Open University of Israel The smartphone instead of the teacher's log?: Online learning management
07.11.11 Dr. Tal Hassner, The Open University of Israel Viewing the viewers: How adults with attention deficits watch videos
20.06.11 Iris Adato-Biran, The Open University of Israel
Dana Kaspi-Tsahor, The Open University of Israel
Assistive technologies used by students at the Open University of Israel
16.05.11 Dr. Lizi Cohen, Bar-Ilan University Measuring the potential for innovative thinking through technological development
14.03.11 Prof. Arik Ragowsky, Wayne State University Organizational IT Maturity: A measure of organizational readiness to effectively adopt technological innovations
03.01.11 Dr. Yuval Kalish, Tel Aviv University
Prof. Amalya Oliver, The Hebrew University
Knowledge creation in interorganizational networks: Balancing the desire for innovation and knowledge protection
29.11.10 Prof. Yoram Eshet-Alkalai, Amir Wiener, Prof. Yoav Yair, Itai Har-Even, Edna Tal-Elshahid, The Open University of Israel The future of digital books
07.06.10 Tami Neutal, Shoham, The Open University of Israel "Without a computer, I cannot work - indeed!?" The types of use made by university lecturers in a computer rich environment
26.04.10 Dr. Ronit Kampf, Tel Aviv University Digital natives and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: The case of PeaceMaker
08.03.10 Chagit Yarden, Dept. of Science Teaching, Weizmann Institute of Science The use of animation for learning and teaching: The case of biotechnology
08.02.10 Prof. Vijay Kumar, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Opening up education: What will it take?
09.11.09 Dr. Yifat Belous, Bar Ilan University, Weizman Instute of Science Sharing information on the internet: Why?
05-06.05.09 Prof. Marcia C. Linn, University of California, Berkeley Dynamic visualizations (series of lectures)
16.03.09 Prof. David Chen, Dean, School of Education, The Center for Academic Studies Man, the learner: Between biological foundations and digital learning environments
16.02.09 Prof. Judith Donath, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Visible interactions: The design of sociable media
21.01.09 Dr. Sigal Eden, Prof. Yoram Eshet-Alkalai, Dr. Avner Caspi, The Open University of Israel
Prof. Tamar Levine, Tel Aviv University
Research in Action
12.11.08 Prof. Eli Cohen, Director of the Informing Science Institute, California Informing science: An emerging research transdiscipline
27.10.08 Dr. Galit Botzer, Faculty of Education, University of Haifa Sensory experiences while learning in a computerized environment
16.06.08 Dr. Yoav Yair, Director of Shoham, The Open University of Israel Peer: Free access on the internet to learning materials and books of the Open University
19.05.08 Michal Aharon, Haim Shani, Moshe Haimowitz - MA students, The Open University of Israel Research Seminar
28.04.08 Dr. Yesha Sivan, Shenkar College of Engineering and Design Real virtual worlds and their impact on learning
25.02.08 Prof. Marcelo Deskel, Tel Aviv University Language as a cognitive technology
4-6.02.08 Prof. Barbara Tversky, Stanford University Knowledge Representation (series of lectures)
17.12.07 Keren Percel, Ronit Webman, Yoram Eshet, Batsheva Engelberg-Behr, The Open University of Israel
Avner Caspi, Eran Chajut, Kelly Saporta, The Open University of Israel
Research Seminar
22.10.07 Dr. Sigal Eden, The Open University of Israel Developing a perception of time sequence, using advanced technologies
11.06.07 Ina Blau, The Open University of Israel "I, we, but not you": The influence of social presence on perceived learning
30.04.07 Prof. Leo Corry, The Cohn Institute for History and Philosophy of Science and Ideas, Tel-Aviv University Encyclopaedia and the internet: Can we see the knowledge through all the information?
19.03.07 Prof. Mordechai Ben-Ari, Dept of Science Teaching, Weizman Institute of Science What is the influence of Jeliot Animation environments on beginner learners of programming?
19.01-21.02.07 Prof. Terry Anderson, Athabasca University, Canada Human interactions in online learning environments (series of lectures)
27.11.06 Noa Bauman, Anat Eiger, Paul Gorski, Avner Caspi, The Open University of Israel Research in Action
23.10.06 Prof. Sheizaf Rafaeli, Director of the InfoSoc Center for the Study of the Information Society, University of Haifa Motives, motivations and incentives for participating in an internet community
22.05.06 Prof. Ido Erev, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa Small decisions: Feedback and learning in technological envrionments
06.04.06 Dr. Gilad Ravid, Ben Gurion University
Leah Aharonovitz, Ministry of Education
Podcasting and its applications
23.03.06 Prof. David Gefen, Drexel University Trust and breach of trust in online relationships: On psychological contracts between seller and buyer over the internet
07.02 - 02.03.06 Prof. Curtis Bonk, Indiana University A critical view of learning and technology (series of lectures)
16.05.05 Dr. Yael Kali, University of Haifa The Design Principles Database for developing educational software
21.03.05 Prof. David Mioduser, Tel Aviv University On the intersection between sense and cognitive technologies