13802 Seminar: Knowledge Management

Credits: 3 graduate credits in Business Administration

Prerequisites: 36 graduate credits in Business Administration, including Operations Research, Accounting for Managers, Marketing, Management and Organizational Behavior, Financial Management, Corporate Law for Managers. Registration for the seminar is conditional on approval of the program director.

The seminar focuses on knowledge management, a relatively new field in management, and deals with theoretical aspects as well as practical organizational ramifications.

Objectives: Providing students with an understanding of and ability to analyze key concepts: data, information and knowledge and their mutual effects; Acquainting students with the development of the field through a review of information and knowledge technologies suitable for the modern organization; Developing the studentís ability to describe and plan an organizational project for which the student proposes a comprehensive knowledge management system for the entire project or for a specific part.

Structure: Each tutorial session is devoted to a survey of the literature and a discussion of issues relevant to topics of the seminar; Each student formulates a topic to analyze and proposes a specific seminar topic; Each proposal is discussed at the sessions; Students determine a schedule with the seminar coordinator for the presentation and submission of the paper; Students present their papers to the group and the seminar coordinator for discussion and critique.