13041 Corporate Value Creation

Credits: 3 graduate credits in Business Administration / Accounting

Prerequisites: Operations Research, Accounting for Managers, Marketing, Management and Organizational Behavior, Financial Management, Corporate Law for Managers

Authors: Yoram Eden, Boaz Ronen, Nitza Geri. The course is based on It Costs Me More: Decision Making, Cost Accounting and Value Creation, by Y. Eden and B. Ronen (Hod-Ami, 2003, Hebrew) and on a reader.

Objectives: The course focuses on the integration of advanced managerial systems and innovative management approaches aimed at enhancing the value of the organization. It analyzes costing approaches, cost management approaches and advanced operations management approaches, and evaluates their contribution to achieving the goals of the organization. The course discusses management decision-making tools pertaining to pricing, selecting a product or service mix, outsourcing to sub-contractors, participating in tenders, investments, and more.

Topics: Introduction the loss of relevance of traditional costing; Innovative management approaches, costing and decision-making; Performance indicators and measures and the Theory of Constraints (TOC); Activity-Based Costing/Management (ABC/M) a critical assessment; Cost accounting for planning and control; Global Decision-Making Methodology (GDM); Profit centers and transfer costs; Company value creation; Concluding case study.