13019 Culture and Management

Credits: 3 graduate credits in Business Administration / International Management

Prerequisites: Operations Research, Accounting for Managers, Marketing, Management and Organizational Behavior, Financial Management, Corporate Law for Managers

The course is based on Management Worldwide, by D.J. Hickson and D.S. Pugh (Penguin, 2001), and on a reader edited by Hana Ornoy.

Objectives: An increasing number of organizations operate in the global market and their managers must apply knowledge and understanding of various cultures and the differences between them. The course aims to raise awareness and to impart knowledge about cultural differences in international management and about the need to contend with these differences.

Topics: The effect of cultures of different societies on managerial activities; Cultural differences in management in various countries; Management aspects in international situations that allow for cross-cultural convergence; Culture shock understanding the process and successful international management; International personnel: relocation and sojourn.