10908 Strategic Management 1

Credits: 6 advanced credits in Management

Prerequisites: 36 credits, including Introduction to Microeconomics, Introduction to Macroeconomics, Organizational Behavior, Financial Theory: Financial Management of Business Firms, Marketing Management, Research Methods in Social Sciences: Guiding Principles and Research Styles. Students must also fulfill all English requirements and take bibliographic instruction in the Library.

The course is based on the Hebrew translation (by Boris Levin) of Strategic Management: Competitiveness and Globalization (4th ed.), by M. A. Hitt, R. D. Ireland & R. E. Hoskisson (South-Western College Publishing, 2001).

Strategy includes the range of organizational aspects whose effective management generates economic value through dynamic-competitive positioning of the firm. The objective of the course is to provide competitive insights and develop skills for integrating and coordinating the firm’s resources. The course addresses such fundamental questions as why firms succeed or fail and why firms demonstrate different performance levels.

Topics: Strategic management and strategic competitiveness; The external environment – opportunities, threats, industry, competition, and competitor analysis; The internal environment – resources, capabilities, and core competencies; Business-level strategy; Competitive dynamics; Corporate-level strategy; Acquisition and restructuring strategies; International strategy; Cooperative strategy; Corporate governance; Organizational structure and controls; Strategic leadership; Corporate entrepreneurship and innovation.

1Students may write a seminar paper in this course, although it is not required.

There is some overlap in the content of this and other courses. For details, see Overlapping Courses.