10281 Marketing Management

Credits: 6 intermediate credits in Management

Prerequisites: none

Recommended: Introduction to Microeconomics

The course is based on a translation and Israeli adaptation of Marketing Management (13th ed.), by P. Kotler and K. Keller (Prentice Hall, 2009).

Objectives: To introduce the student to basic concepts used to analyze management in general and marketing in particular; To acquaint the student with the main tools of analysis of marketing decisions; To present theoretical material which serves as the basis for understanding marketing management processes; To develop a critical approach to the theories presented, emphasizing the existence of competing theoretical aspects.

Chapters: Defining marketing for the 21st century; Developing marketing strategies and plans; Collecting information and conducting marketing research; Creating customer value, satisfaction, and loyalty; Analyzing consumer markets; Analyzing business markets; Identifying market segments and targets; Creating brand equity; Crafting the brand positioning; Competitive dynamics; Setting product strategy; Designing and managing services; Developing pricing strategies and programs; Designing and managing integrated marketing channels; Designing and managing integrated marketing communications; Managing mass communications: Advertising; Managing mass communications: Sales promotions, events, and public relations; Managing personal communications: direct and interactive marketing; Tapping into global markets; Managing a holistic marketing organization.