10284 Econometrics

Credits: 6 intermediate credits in Economics

Prerequisites: Introduction to Microeconomics, Introduction to Macroeconomics, Introduction to Statistics for Students of Social Sciences II and Introduction to Statistics for Students of Social Sciences I (or Introduction to Statistics and Probability for Science Students).

Recommended: Calculus for Students of Economics and Management, Mathematics for Students of Social Sciences

Authors: Nissim Ben-David, Moshe Kim, Amir Shmueli, Eran Yashiv, Eyal Ben-Shlush

The course familiarizes students with the basic tools and principles of empirical research methods in economics, in order to provide them the ability to understand empirical studies conducted by others and to conduct such studies on their own. The use of the computer for empirical applications of research methods in economics is an integral part of the course and its objectives.

Topics: The classical regression model with a single explanatory variable; The classical multiple regression model; Extensions to the classical model to a wide range of applications; Implications of deviating from the classical model.