10142 Calculus for Students of Economics and Management 1

Credits: 3 introductory credits in Economics or in Management

Prerequisites: none

Required: Basic knowledge of mathematics (algebra) on at least a 3-point matriculation level.2

Authors: Uzi Segal, Yehezkel Noiman

The course provides students of economics and management with the background in calculus necessary for their undergraduate studies.

Topics: Functions introduction, graphs, linear and quadratic functions, exponents and logarithms, composite functions, inverse functions; Derivatives introduction, differentiation rules, monotone functions, concave and convex functions, extrema, inflexion points, elasticity; Two-variable functions introduction, constant value curves, partial derivatives, the implicit function theorem, extrema of two-variable functions, Lagrange multipliers, homogeneous functions; Integration antiderivatives, the indefinite integral, methods of integration, the definite integral and its applications; First order differential equations.

1There is some overlap in the content of this and other courses. For details, see Overlapping Courses.

2Students who studied high school Mathematics at the 3-point level, and at the 4- or 5-point level but who have not reviewed the material for a long time or whose matriculation grades were low, are advised to take the Mathematics Refresher Workshop for Social Science Students (95001) before taking this course.