10444 Mathematics for Students of Social Sciences: Set Theory, Logic and Linear Algebra 1

Credits: 4 intermediate credits in Mathematics or in Social Sciences - General

Prerequisites: none

Required: Familiarity with basic high school algebra 2

Recommended: Students are advised to take a few other courses at the Open University before this one.

Modified versions of sections from several Open University Mathematics courses were adapted and combined with new chapters by Daniela Leibowitz to create this course. Its purpose is to enable students of Social Sciences and Natural Sciences to obtain a coherent and intelligible overview of set theory, logic and linear algebra, as well as to acquaint them with some basic mathematical tools and with rigorous mathematical ways of expression and deduction. In spite of simplifications, the course is not easy as it encompasses a considerable amount of abstract Mathematics. Potential students are therefore urged to consult with a Mathematics advisor before they enroll.

Topics: Fundamentals of set theory sets, relations, functions, polynomials, mathematical induction; Newton's binomial formula; Elementary logic propositional calculus, predicate calculus; Foundations of linear algebra systems of linear equations, Rn, linear spaces, linear transformations, matrices and determinants.

1There is some overlap in the content of this and other courses. For details, see Overlapping Courses.

2Students who studied high school Mathematics at the low, 3-point matriculation level, and those who studied Mathematics at the higher 4 or 5-point level, but have not reviewed the material for a long time or whose matriculation achievements were low, are advised to take the Mathematics Refresher Workshop for Social Science Students (95001) before taking this course.