10123 Reading: Theory and Practice

Credits: 6 intermediate credits in Education

Prerequisites: none

Recommended: One of the following: Individualized Instruction, Fundamental Issues in Special Education

Authors: Aryeh Wohl, Ruth Ardon, Hana Shalev, Rachel Yifat, Yael Rafaeli, Rachel Lavi-Dagan, Miri Horowitz, Nitsa Zilberstein, Ruthie Ron, Bilha Artzi, Eva Guterman, Hanna Ezer, Zippy Eldan, Esther Tov-Li

The course discusses written language reading and writing. It presents theories and models that describe literacy processes from various viewpoints, as well as different approaches to promote the development of linguistic skills. The course discusses the development of reading and writing, methods to assess difficulties in written language acquisition and its remediation, and strategies in reading and learning that students can utilize to enhance their own learning skills.

Topics: Efficient reading overview and practice; Reading and literacy; The physiology of reading; The psychology of reading; Language, reader, text; Emergent literacy; Basic reading skills; Constructing meaning; Writing and its instruction a process approach; Reading, writing and spelling difficulties assessment and remediation methods.