10256 Individualized Instruction

Credits: 6 intermediate credits in Education

Prerequisites: none

Authors: David Chen, Hava Applebaum, Eva Guterman, Ariela Brickner, Dvora Gesser, Esther Ben-Zakan, Sarah Guri-Rosenblit, Tiki Zohar. The material includes readers edited by Sarah Guri-Rosenblit, Eva Guterman and Niva Wallenstein.

The course enables students to shape an overall educational approach which advocates the individualization of teaching-learning processes, presents its philosophical and psychological aspects and examines various ways of developing curricula, operation, educational management, diagnosis and assessment. The course focuses on an analysis of the educational philosophy and practical operation of an individualized instruction project in the framework of the Center for Educational Technology.

Topics: Variation within the population; Individualized instruction components, historical sources and educational origins; Cooperation and the autonomous learner in individualized instruction; Technology in education towards individualization of teaching and learning; Curricular principles as the basis for planning learning through individualized instruction; Diagnosis and assessment in individualized instruction; School management, class management; Designing the learning environment.