10139 Fundamental Issues in Special Education

Credits: 6 intermediate credits in Education

Prerequisites: none. This course is not recommended as the studentís first course at the Open University.

Authors: Shimon Sachs, Shmuel Shulman, Shunit Reiter, Chanan Ronen, Varda Sharoni, Amatzia Weisel, Aya Amir-Messer, Gilada Avisar, Sara Zandberg, Miriam Levin, Nurit Weiskopf, Hanna Kadmon, Rachel Zachs, Carmela Arnan, Ophira Gil

The course addresses fundamental issues in special education, focusing on intellectual, behavioral, emotional and sensory disorders. It presents various approaches to understanding the disorders, diagnosis, care, rehabilitation and prevention. The course also discusses topics common to all special education populations: major principles for working with special needs children, aid provided, how families cope with the care and education of special needs children. The course emphasizes theory and practice in this field in Israel.

Topics: The essence of special education; Mental retardation; Learning disabilities; Neglect and juvenile delinquency; Emotional disturbance in children; Blindness and visual disabilities; Hearing disabilities: Teaching deaf and hearing-disabled children; Special education services; Families of special needs children; Working in special education.