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The Open University of Israel, Israels largest university, operates as a distance education university and publishes its own textbooks in Hebrew. The largest academic press in Israel, it publishes close to 1,000,000 books annually, both for its own students and for students and faculty in all other Israeli universities.

Most Open University publications are written by leading scholars in Israel or abroad in cooperation with a course team and reader-advisors, who are also leading authorities in the field. Some of these have already been translated into English and subsequently published by distinguished publishers abroad, such as Yale University Press and Boston University Press.

We are sure you will find topics of interest among these titles. The books have been written for self-study and as a result are excellent textbooks which can serve as the basis for university courses in the various fields of study, but they can also provide fascinating reading for the general public. The Open University welcomes cooperation and joint projects which pool world knowledge, culture and information to produce high quality, aesthetic, state-of-the-art publications of broad, international interest.




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