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Welcome to the Open University Website “Studies from Abroad”

The Open University of Israel (OUI) offers Hebrew-speakers residing abroad on a temporary or permanent basis the opportunity to pursue academic studies in Hebrew at the University.

The Open University is one of the eight universities in Israel.

With the encouragement of the Council of Higher Education in Israel, and under its supervision, the OUI has realized a vision which in the past seemed distant and unrealistic – to open the gates of higher education to all Hebrew-speakers who sought knowledge and who had the capacity to apply themselves to academic studies.

The Open University has no admissions requirements:

Students’ scholastic capabilities are not measured against certificates or diplomas attesting to prior studies, nor on the results of psychometric tests or other criteria. The abilities of every individual who studies at the Open University are evaluated solely on the basis of proven achievements in courses studied at the OUI.

You do not have to attend lectures at the Open University:

The Open University comes to students wherever they may be. As a substitute for regular lectures in other academic frameworks, the OUI provides written materials tailored for self-study developed by teams comprised of senior faculty members from the OUI and other universities, teaching experts, editors and graphic designers.

Before the beginning of each semester, textbooks, readers and learning aids are mailed to students. The written material comes with clear and detailed instructions concerning the recommended method of study as well as the expected rate of progress.

The OUI offers students a comprehensive study scheme aimed at easing the self-study process, making studying a pleasant experience and providing feedback. This scheme includes tutorial sessions (only in Israel), assignments (submitted to the OUI and returned with comprehensive feedback) and a computerized teaching system based on course websites that provide a virtual campus with a library, and access to faculty and peers with whom students can maintain on-going contact. Final exams are held throughout the country at the end of each semester; students abroad are tested at Israeli consulates and embassies near their residence.

About 38,000 students from throughout the country and hundreds of Hebrew-speaking students worldwide – from the US, Europe, the Far East, Africa and Australia – study at the Open University towards undergraduate and graduate degrees, certificates, and for personal enrichment.

The Open University offers more than 40 undergraduate programs of study in the Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering (see the list of undergraduate degrees here). The list of programs is continuously being expanded.

Graduate degree programs currently offered include an M.Sc. in Computer Science, an M.A. in Democracy Studies (Interdisciplinary), an M.A. in Cultural Studies, an M.A. in Biological Thought, a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and an M.A. in Education in two tracks – “Learning Technologies” and “Learning Systems”. The following graduate programs are offered to students abroad: the MBA, the M.Sc. in Computer Science, and the M.A. in Democracy Studies.

All Open University degrees are accredited by the Council of Higher Education in Israel.

We are committed to actively improving communications with you, to expanding the possibilities open to you, to continue research and development with the aim of improving our technology-rich study aids to help you in your studies, to make your studies from abroad pleasant and to bring you closer to us, if only virtually.

We invite you to tour this site and to contact the appropriate entities at the OUI to give you further information or assistance.