55169 Teaching History: Methodology 1

Prerequisites: At least 72 credits, of which at least 48 credits are in History, including one advanced course and one seminar paper in History; as well as Curriculum Design, Development, and Implementation and Educational Psychology

The course provides didactic tools for teaching History in high school.

Students are acquainted with and gain experience in a variety of means, strategies and teaching methods for conducting history lessons, and with theoretical issues in the philosophy of history, historiography and history teaching.

The course is taught in workshop format. Some sessions include lectures, explanations and demonstrations by the instructor; in other sessions peer teaching is conducted, offering students the opportunity to experience different didactic methods. Participation in tutorials is mandatory.

1No academic credits are awarded for this course, but it is equivalent to 6 semester hours.

See detailed explanation in the description of the teaching certificate in History in the Information Guide [in Hebrew].