10106 Curriculum Design, Development, and Implementation 1

Credits: 6 intermediate credits in Education

Prerequisites: none

Authors: Joseph Guttman, David Chen, Sarah Guri-Rosenblit, Nathan Orpaz, Yaffa Bar-Tal, Ruth Zuzovsky, David Askenazi. The materials include a reader edited by Sarah Guri-Rosenblit and Tiki Zohar; and on Education Toward the Twenty-First Century, edited by D. Chen (in Hebrew).

The course surveys the theoretical background underlying curriculum planning, describes the complex processes involved in curriculum planning, and examines the implementation, application and assessment of new curricula through specific examples.

Topics: Determining curricular objectives; Classifying the objectives; Curriculum planning and development; Communication, educational technology and curricula; Educational television; The psychological basis of curricula; Teaching strategies and curricula; Assessment; Curriculum evaluation by the consumer.

1In the past, this course was called Theory of Instruction.