55158 Practicum (Practical Training) in Teaching Psychology 1

Prerequisites: Curriculum Design, Development, and Implementation,2 Philosophy of Education,3 Teaching Psychology: Methodology, and a B.A. in Psychology.4 Enrollment in the practicum requires the approval of the faculty member responsible for teaching certificates.

Objective: To enable student teachers to observe and experience teaching Psychology in high school.

Structure: Every student teacher is assigned a mentor teacher. Training includes the following components: Observation – acquaintance with the school and the classes, participation in school activities and structured observation (at least 5 hours per week throughout the year) in the mentor teacher’s class; Teaching – ten hours of teaching in the mentor teacher’s class. The last two hours serve as a test for the student teacher.

1No academic credits are awarded for this course, but it is equivalent to 10 semester hours.

2Curriculum Design, Development, and Implementation (10106) is listed under Education.

3or Educational Theory (55004), which is no longer offered.

4See detailed explanation in the description of the teaching certificate in Psychology in the Information Guide [in Hebrew].