20562 Computer Graphics

Credits: 4 advanced credits in Computer Science

Prerequisites: Students must fulfill all English requirements and take bibliographic instruction in the Library.

Required: Linear Algebra I, Infinitesimal Calculus I, Differential and Integral Calculus II (or Infinitesimal Calculus II and Infinitesimal Calculus III), Data Structures and Introduction to Algorithms, System Programming Laboratory 1

The course is based on Computer Graphics with OpenGL (3rd ed.), by D. Hearn and M.P. Baker (Prentice-Hall, 2004).

The course presents the theoretical underpinnings of computer graphics and aims to teach how to apply these in order to create two- or three-dimensional figures. The course deals with the structures of graphics systems, their underlying Mathematics and Physics, as well as the algorithms and data structures on which they are based. In addition, the course covers ways of modeling three-dimensional figures and realistic color drawings. It teaches students to use computer graphics software packages, and to write graphics programs using a high-level language and through software packages. Students submit theoretical and programming assignments, and a programming project.

Topics: Introduction to computer graphics, overview of graphics systems, graphics output primitives, geometric transformations, two-dimensional and three-dimensional viewing, three-dimensional object representations, visible-surface detection methods, illumination models and surface-rendering methods.

1or Introduction to System Programming with C (20386), which is no longer offered.