20321 Geology of the Carmel

Credits: 3 advanced credits in Geology

Prerequisites: Introduction to Earth Sciences (or Secrets of the Earth), and Geology of Israel. Students must also fulfill all English requirements and take bibliographic instruction in the Library.

Recommended: Laboratory: Metamorphic and Sedimentary Petrography, Laboratory: Optical Mineralogy and Magmatic Petrography

Authors: Emanuel Mazor, Shlomo Shoval, Amos Bein

This course focuses on the Geology of a selected area the Carmel. Unique phenomena are found in this area including ancient underwater volcanoes and a fossilized reef system. The course familiarizes students with the Carmel area and its secrets, and contributes to an understanding of the formation of rocks in the Galilee hills, Samaria, Judea and the northern Negev.

The course includes three mandatory one-day field trips that demonstrate phenomena unique to the Carmel area: one to examine oceanic deposits in the Carmel area (for students who did not take the trip in course 20270), one to the northern Carmel, and one to the southern Carmel. A reader containing articles and research studies on the Carmel area, as well as some 200 geological photographs of the area with explanations (in Hebrew) are posted on the course website.