20117 Secrets of the Earth 1

Credits: 6 introductory credits in Geology

Prerequisites: none

Authors: Shlomo Shoval, Nurit Goldman. The materials include a course book (2nd ed., 2010, in Hebrew), by Shlomo Shoval, and twenty-six 30-minute films (on CD) accompanied by a viewing guide.

This course acquaints students with the exciting aspects of geology and geomorphology throughout the world and includes views of spectacular landscapes such as Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon in the United States. The modern approach in geology – plate tectonics – is used to explain processes such as the opening or closing of oceans, mountain building, shorelines, why earthquakes and volcanoes occur in certain areas, and the creation of the Earth and the development of life on the planet. Geomorphological phenomena and carving the landscape are observed, and the relationship between geology, the utilization of natural resources and man is examined.

The course is offered as a telecourse. It includes a mandatory one-day field trip, “From the mountain to the shore,” and several tutorial sessions on the Open University campus or in organized groups.

1There is some overlap in the content of this and other courses. For details, see Overlapping Courses.