20307 Geology: Its Applications and Teaching in Israel

Credits: 6 advanced seminar credits in Geology

Prerequisites: 36 credits,1 including Introduction to Earth Sciences (or Secrets of the Earth), and Geology of Israel. Students must also fulfill all English requirements and take bibliographic instruction in the Library.

Recommended: Laboratory: Metamorphic and Sedimentary Petrography, Laboratory: Optical Mineralogy and Magmatic Petrography

Authors: Shlomo Shoval, Emanuel Mazor

This course is intended both for students of Geology and for teachers and guides. Students are required to write an instruction-oriented or practical seminar paper and participate in a workshop in Makhtesh Ramon and training in the field.

Awareness of geological landscapes and nature conservation has accelerated in Israel and throughout the world. Excursions in Israel and the world expose visitors to spectacular landscapes and geological sites, and the Makhtesh Ramon Park in Israel is dedicated to such phenomena. The field workshop in Makhtesh Ramon, conducted within the framework of the course, serves as a model for preparing geologically-oriented excursions.

Articles and research studies that serve as background for the workshop and for topics of seminar papers, as well as some 200 geological photographs of the Makhtesh Ramon area with explanations (in Hebrew), are posted on the course website. Students present their assignments and seminar papers through a Wiki project on the website.

1In certain instances, the Open University will consider accepting students who have not yet accumulated 36 credits.