20250 Electricity and Magnetism

Credits: 6 intermediate credits in Physics

Prerequisites: none

Required: Mechanics, Differential and Integral Calculus I (or Infinitesimal Calculus I)

Recommended: Linear Algebra I (or Linear Algebra for Natural Science Students), Differential and Integral Calculus II (or Infinitesimal Calculus II + Infinitesimal Calculus III)

The course is based on a translation of Electricity and Magnetism (Berkeley Physics Course, Vol. II, 2nd ed.), by E.M. Purcell (McGraw-Hill, 1985) and a supplementary text, Electricity and Magnetism – Questions and Answers, by A. Armoni and Y. Verbin (The Open University, 2001).

The course deals with electromagnetic theory at the level of basic courses in classical physics for Physics and Engineering students in Israel and abroad.

Topics: Electrostatics – charges and fields; The electric potential; Electric fields around conductors; Electric currents; The fields of moving charges; The magnetic field; Electromagnetic induction; Alternating-current circuits; Maxwell’s equations and electromagnetic waves; Electric fields in matter; Magnetic fields in matter.