20237 The World of Bacteria

Credits: 6 intermediate credits in Life Sciences

Prerequisites: none

Required: Cell Structure and Function (single-semester format or year-long format), Advanced Computer Applications, and one of the following: Introduction to Life Sciences, General Biology I

Authors: Joel Klemes, Bracha Kimchi, Avinoam Adam, Amiram Ronen, Dror Bar-Nir. The materials include a collection of articles (in Hebrew and English) which is frequently updated. In addition, students are provided with courseware through which they practice identifying bacteria in the laboratory and track the growth of a population of bacteria.

Knowledge of microbiology is necessary for those interested in the various areas of Life Sciences and is vital for understanding life processes in cells with complex structures. The course acquaints students with the morphologic and metabolic heterogeneity in the world of bacteria and examines interrelationships among bacteria and between them and their environment. It describes biological and pathological aspects of host-parasite relations and methods of fighting disease-causing microbes. The course includes home experiments conducted using home kits as well as two concentrated days of laboratory experiments. Attendance at laboratory sessions is mandatory.

Topics: Milestones; Structure and function; Cell cycle; From organism to population; Reproduction and environment; Metabolism and energy; Genetics of bacteria; Viruses; Living together; Disease-causing bacteria.