20127 Advanced Computer Applications 1

No credits

Prerequisites: none

Authors: Zippy Erlich, Rivka Gadot

The course provides students with basic knowledge about the computer and computer applications, with an emphasis on the Microsoft Excel electronic spreadsheet, and enables them to experience various components of computerized communication that will help them to participate in online courses in the future. It familiarizes students with computer applications useful for course assignments and seminar papers, and in their professional lives. The course also provides a general approach to computer applications that enables students to cope with future versions of software studied in the course as well as with new software they encounter.

Structure: The course has an online component that includes discussion groups and assignments downloaded from the site and submitted via the online assignment system. The assignments require implementation of the software studied.

System requirements: PC with Hebrew support, Windows and Microsoft Office 2010,2 and an internet connection.

Topics: In-depth study of the Microsoft Excel electronic spreadsheet; The Internet and its applications; Internet communication and informatics; Databanks and bibliography management software; Advanced topics in Microsoft Word; Advanced topics in Microsoft PowerPoint.

1Students can take an exemption exam instead of taking the course. For details, see the Hebrew site.

There is overlap in the content of this course and the courses Computer Applications for Social Sciences (10159) and Computer Applications for the Sciences (20126), which are no longer offered. Students who have taken one of these courses are exempt from this course.

2Most of the course material can be studied using Office 2007.