This course is no longer offered

20233 Numerical Computation

Credits: 40 intermediate credits in Mathematics or in Computer Science

Prerequisites: none

Required: Introduction to Computer Science Using Java;2 one of the following: Linear Algebra I, Linear Algebra for Natural Science Students, and one of the following: Infinitesimal Calculus I, Differential and Integral Calculus I

Recommended: One of the following: Infinitesimal Calculus II, Differential and Integral Calculus II

The course is based on a modified translation of the British Open University course Numerical Computation (1976). In its current edition, students write and run computer programs for the applications of the numerical methods studied. The aim of the course is to acquaint students with some major modern computation methods and with their mathematical analysis, and to enable them to practice those methods in an efficient and safe way. Students are introduced to applications relevant to prior courses such as Linear Algebra I (20109).

The course is recommended for students pursuing degrees in mathematics, computer science or natural sciences, as well as for high school teachers of mathematics or computer science interested in suitable material which can be used on computers in their classes. Although not required, students are advised to take Infinitesimal Calculus II (20212), which will enhance their understanding of several topics discussed in the course (the courses may be taken simultaneously).

Topics: Introduction to numerical approximation methods and error estimation; Root finding of non-linear equations; Solution of systems of linear equations; Approximation of functions; Interpolation; Numerical differentiation and numerical integration.

1Students studying towards a degree in Mathematics or Computer Science, please note: the credits for this course will be considered credits in Mathematics or in Computer Science, as necessary.

2or Introduction to Computer Science (20427), which is no longer offered; or both Introduction to Computer Science Using Java I (20453) and Introduction to Computer Science Using Java II (20454).