20217 Thermodynamics 1

Credits: 3 intermediate credits in Chemistry or in Physics

Prerequisites: none

Required: Fundamentals of Physics or both Fundamentals of Physics I and Fundamentals of Physics II, Differential and Integral Calculus I (or Infinitesimal Calculus I), and one of the following: General Chemistry,2 General Chemistry I, or Atoms, Molecules, and the Properties of Matter

Authors: Shmuel Weiss, Eshel Ben-Jakob

Objectives: To provide knowledge of the principles of thermodynamics and enable students to apply this knowledge in analyzing processes in various chemical and physical systems; To understand basic concepts of thermodynamics; To become familiar with basic thermodynamic laws essential for understanding phenomena in Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Topics: Introduction: Translation of the introduction to Chemical Principles: The Quest for Insight (3rd ed.), by P. Atkins and L. Jones (W. H. Freeman, 2005); The first law; The second law; Entropy; Free energy; Phase transitions; Solutions.

1The course is also recommended for Physics students.

2or General Chemistry (20477 or 20487), which is no longer offered.