13033 Capital Markets and Financial Intermediaries

Credits: 3 graduate credits in Business Administration / Financing

Prerequisite: Financial Management

The course is based on The Economics of Money, Banking and Financial Markets (3rd ed.), by F.S. Mishkin (Business School Edition, Global Edition, Pearson, 2013), and on a reader edited by Arie Nachmias and Uri Benzion.

The course presents the structure and role of financial intermediaries in capital markets in developed countries in general and the Israeli market in particular. It focuses on reform in the Israeli capital market, the liberalization process, the privatization process and regulation and control issues.

Topics: Capital markets and financial intermediaries general introduction; The role and structure of the interest rate; Analysis of the financial structure of the capital market; Managing the banking and financial system; Structure and competition in the banking and other financial sectors; Regulations and limitations on banks and other financial institutions; Financial intermediary organizations that are not banks; The central bank and policy tools at its disposal; The reform in the capital market in Israel liberalization and privatization.